Coatdry ® Enteric Coating

Ready-to-Use White and Colored Dried Powder

This Coatdry ®   consists of combination of Polymers and Poly Saccharides for Enteric Coating.

 Use: The Coatdry Enteric Coating system is most suitable for Tablets, Pills, Pellets, and Granules.

Appearance:Coatdry Enteric is white and in desired Colored Powder, odour less or weakly aromatic.


  • Enteric coating for resistance to gastric fluid, (to protect active drug from influence of acids, prevent irritation of gastric mucosa.).
  • Enteric coating of tablets, pills, for protecting the drug also from surrounding environment, particularly air, moisture, light, thus retaining required stability.
  • Masking unpleasant taste and odour.
  • Imparting cosmetic elegance to product appearance, masking, and any noticeable visible differences in tablet core from batch to batch.
  • Improves mechanical integrity, eliminating possibility of abrasions chipping etc.
  • Insulating hygroscopic cores.
  • Isolating porous cores.
  • Extending and improving keeping properties.


  • Less quantity is required i.e. reducing volume of solution and production time.
  • It is complete ready mixed dried material containing pigments and
  • plasticizers ready to use.
  • Very easy to formulate.
  • Different colors are also available.
  • Save your precious money, time, energy and production hours.


Appearance : White or colored Powder.

Odour          : Weakly aromatic.

Contents      : 30 to 40 % polymers.

Storage        : At low temperature not exceeding 30 C. Protect from moisture.

Shelf life      : Minimum 96 Months from manufacturing date.

Packing       : 5 kgs. 25 kgs. Net. In Corrugated box OR Fiber drums.

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