Coatdry ® Film Coating

Ready-to-Use White and Colored Dried Powder

This Coatdry ®   system consists of combination of polymers and Poly Saccharides for FILM Coating.

 Use: The Coatdry FILM coating system is most suitable for Tablet Coating.

Appearance:Coatdry Film is white and in desired Colored Powder, odorless or weakly aromatic.


  • Masking unpleasant taste and odour.
  • Providing product “Identity” for differentiation of products from manufacturing, storage to patient.
  • Improves mechanical integrity, eliminating possibility of abrasions chipping etc.
  • Insulating hygroscopic cores.
  • Isolating porous cores.
  • Give smooth shining surface to the product.


  • Very easy to formulate.
  • Different colors are also available.
  • Ready to use.
  • Save your precious money, time, energy and production hours.
  • Less weight gain as compare to other available brands.
  • Easily available.


Appearance : white or colored Powder.

Odour          : weakly aromatic.

Contents      : 68 to 70% polymers.

Storage        : At low temperature not exceeding 30 C. Protect form moisture

Shelf life      : Minimum 96 month form manufacturing date.

Packing       : 5 kg, 25 Kg net. In Corrugated box OR Fiber drums.

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